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Top 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Factoring Service

Invoice factoring is selling your invoices (accounts receivables) to a third party or a factoring company to reduce debt and improve cash flow. Businesses that use invoice factoring see an immediate boost in cash flow. Independent finance providers or banks provide...

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Top 11 Ideas of How Medical Factoring Works

The medical and health care industry is infamous for having an outdated billing and payment method. To top it off with the problems of insurance and the administration, the bills could take weeks or even months before they are being paid. Traditionally, medical...

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Top 21 Common Invoice Factoring Mistakes to Avoid

Some of the important invoices factoring mistakes to avoid are as follows: FAILING TO SEND THE INVOICES Many companies make this mistake. You cannot get the funds if you fail to send an invoice. by sending an invoice, it will help you to keep a check on your payments....

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How to Choose The Best Freight Factoring Company

Many freight factoring companies that provide brilliant services and programs to the trucking companies to improve their cash-flow and business expansion. But only a few are the experts that excel at their work. The selection of a freight factoring company can be...

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How to Use Invoice Factoring for Small Business

Small business owners and operators are frustrated by unpaid accounts receivables. 60% of the invoices are usually paid late. Late payments can cause a lot of problems, especially cash problems. Late payments prevent you from paying for your rent, or paying your...